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Meet the Founder

My name is L.B. Hudson. I am the founder and CEO of My Financial Snapshot. My passion and drive for building this company come from wanting to see people of all financial backgrounds be able to know and understand their personal financial situation. Our current product offering makes it easier for people to fill out and complete personal financial statements.

My background in business ownership and entrepreneurship started when I was 14 years old. At 28, I am learning more and more about entrepreneurship than ever! After college, I spent 4 years in public accounting working in tax before I quit my job in January of 2021 to work on My Financial Snapshot full time. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and learning about business.

I hope you enjoy My Financial Snapshot, and if there are ever any questions you have about the product feel free to reach me at lb@myfinancialsnapshot.com!

The Only Choice For a Personal Financial Statement Builder

My Financial Snapshot exists to allow our customers to become aware, take ownership, and create lasting value in their personal finances.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between financial education and financial utility.

Why Choose My Financial Snapshot

Whether it is a first time home buyer, a refinance on a loan, a car loan, or other types of personal loans. My Financial Snapshot is the premier location to send loan officers your most up to date personal financial statement. Easily email your loan officer a PDF of your financial snapshot that is easy for them to read and understand.

We are the perfect solution for you to continually be able to update your personal financial statement for your community bank.

Stop paying hundreds or thousands to a CPA, lawyer, or other professionals for a product you can create yourself.

One of the top reasons for divorce in the United States is financial problems for a variety of reasons. Use My financial Snapshot as an easy way to begin talking to your significant other about your finances.

Use My Financial Snapshot as an easy to use tool to understand your financial snapshot, and begin making your own decisions to improve your position.

Our Core Principles

Awareness Being aware of your financial situation is the first step in creating a stable financial future. If you are unaware of what you own, or who you owe, it will be difficult to make the right first decisions.
Ownership Taking ownership of your financial snapshot is the second step on the path to creating the best financial future for you. In a world that ownership is frowned upon, it is critical that you take ownership of your life and finances more than ever.
Value Realizing the value you have in front of you is the third step on the path to your financial future and financial independence.

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