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Why you should use My Financial Snapshot!

Applying for a loan? Most lenders and banks will ask for an updated personal financial statement when applying for a home, auto, or business loan.
Rental Real Estate Owner Many banks require an updated personal financial statement to be on file annually with the bank.
Married? Yes, married couples use My Financial Snapshot to facilitate a productive conversation around their finances.

Why My Financial Snapshot?

Awareness Becoming aware of your financial position is the first step in creating your financial future.
Ownership Taking ownership of your financial snapshot is the second step on the path to creating the best financial future for YOU.
Value Realizing the value you have in front of you is the third step on the path to your financial future and independence.

What is a personal financial statement?

A personal financial statement is a snapshot of your personal financial position at a specific point in time.

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Customer Testimonials:

“Great to have all of my information in one place.”
– Luke Jamison

“The process and information needed is self-explanatory”
 – Daniel Williams

“The step-by-step form is much easier to complete than the banks forms”
 – Jared Carlin

“Information is presented and organized so well”
 – Dakota Hedden

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“With My Financial Snapshot I know exactly how much I’m worth at any given time.”


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“Each time we are thinking about a large financial risk, we do a snapshot, so we know if we can finance it…”


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“My financial administration used to be a mess… A BIG MESS… Now I even like doing the finances!”

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