My Financial Snapshot is a software company dedicated to building the top personal financial tools and content to assist individuals in gathering a better understanding of their financial situation. We provide a personal financial statement builder, budgeting tool, retirement calculator, and premium content. We have products marketed to individuals as well as businesses.

Our Why

In 2019 we began to ask the question, why is it so difficult to fill out these old, outdated, personal financial statements? No financial institution seemed to have a process that made it easy for loan applicants to fill out the personal financial statement portion of a loan application. So we decided to fix it. We also saw the need for easy-to-use software in personal finances as a whole so we set out eyes on expanding our product offering.

How We Achieve It

We are able to give people peace of mind and security in their personal finances in several ways. First, we innovate by making personal financial tools simple. We meet individuals where they are. Second, whether you are a financial wizard or novice, you can use our products. Our products fit into the current financial system well. Our personal financial statements are accepted at most financial institutions. Finally, we are looking to enhance the way existing financial relationships take place. The relationship with your spouse, children, banker, accountant, financial advisor, and others.

Meet Our Team

L.B. Hudson

Founder and CEO

My background in business ownership and entrepreneurship started when I was 14 years old. After college, I spent 4 years in public accounting
working in tax before I quit my job in January of 2021 to work on My Financial Snapshot full time. At 28, my work is now focused on providing
top personal financial tools and education to individuals and couples. My passion for building this company comes from wanting to see people of all
financial backgrounds be able to understand and see progress in their personal finances.

Jared Carlin, CPA

Strategic Product Advisor

Jared is the founder and CEO of Rever LLC. Rever is a Virtual Reality Platform built to change how the world learns. Before Rever, Jared worked as a CPA for BKD, LLP and then as a Sales Director for Fleetcor’s (NYSE: FLT) highest performing sales team. With a background in accounting and software, Jared helps drive product and vision for My Financial Snapshot. Jared has a passion for helping people find financial freedom. “If you find truth, then you will find freedom. To me, My Financial Snapshot’s mission is to help you find the truth about your money so you can find freedom for your life.”

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