My Financial Snapshot is committed to developing personal financial tools and financial content that empower individuals to understand their finances better. Financial Tools built with a design that is easy to use, step-by-step, and understandable, you can reduce the time and headache involved with practicing positive financial habits like budgeting, calculating your net worth, planning, setting financial goals, achieving financial goals, and more. Our financial content focuses on not only expanding your knowledge but helps you apply that education to your personal finances through the use of our software.

Our Why

Getting financially healthy and staying financially healthy should be easier. The lack of financial education in schools, universities, and workplaces leaves many people feeling helpless. As a result, we are financially unhealthy.

60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (LendingClub). 

57% of employees state that financial stress is the top stress in their lives (PwC).

Financial stress is the number one contributing factor to poor mental, physical, emotional, social, and relational health. But there is good news! My Financial Snapshot is on a mission to combine financial education and financial application (tools) so that you can begin practicing positive financial habits!

How We Achieve It

Anyone can use My Financial Snapshot to its full potential, regardless of financial knowledge and background. It is that easy to use. From CPAs, loan officers, financial advisors to teachers, nurses, construction workers, and small business owners, gig economy workers, and contractors.

You do not have to be an expert on a computer, software, or spreadsheets. Or an expert in accounting and finance! Budget, calculate your net worth, track your small business income and expenses, learn, and more!

This results in peace of mind, clarity, and a positive financial outlook. Reducing financial stress, making conversations about money with a spouse easier, and knowing you are on track to achieve your financial goals!

Meet Our Team

L.B. Hudson

Founder and CEO

My life passions are family and friends, entrepreneurship, and helping others. After a career in public accounting helping business owners and individuals with their tax needs, I decided it was time to go out on my own and start My Financial Snapshot. There is a need for better financial health resources for individuals, and there needs to be better financial health benefits in the workplace. Can we take existing things in personal finances and make them easy, understandable, and affordable? The answer is yes. Together, we can make practicing positive financial habits so easy and routine that we have more time to focus on family, friends, and faith.

Jared Carlin, CPA

Strategic Product Advisor

Jared is the founder and CEO of Rever LLC. Rever is a Virtual Reality Platform built to change how the world learns. Before Rever, Jared worked as a CPA for BKD, LLP and then as a Sales Director for Fleetcor’s (NYSE: FLT) highest performing sales team. With a background in accounting and software, Jared helps drive product and vision for My Financial Snapshot. Jared has a passion for helping people find financial freedom. “If you find truth, then you will find freedom. To me, My Financial Snapshot’s mission is to help you find the truth about your money so you can find freedom for your life.”

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